Thematic Workshops

This Humid House is actively developing pedagogy for the advancement of botanical design that is aligned with our studio's creative process. Our practice is not defined by any one style, but rather, an approach that is sensitive to culture, context, and the Now.

We favour learning and teaching frameworks that are non-prescriptive and that, through feedback and critique, result in work that has a compelling point of view.

Our thematic multi-day workshops may be co-hosted with a guest designer and / or overseas partner, and are safe spaces for practitioners to experiment through thoughtfully designed individual and group exercises.

The relationship to place and culture is foregrounded as a consideration for design, that takes notes from wherever our Thematic Workshops take place. A variety of learning and teaching formats will be included, from demonstrations and hands-on making, to field trips, discussions, and topical lectures.

Held over 3 days to a week, the intensive nature of Thematic Workshops is particularly suited for creatives, serious enthusiasts, or anyone looking to consider botanical design in a professional capacity.

Duration: 3-7 days
Recommended for: Creatives, design professionals and enthusiasts
Location: Anywhere in the world

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